Patented technology – OmniBIND™ – structurally combines the seamless thermoplastic interior tank – OmniSHIELD™ – with the high strength external OmniFORT™ tank of advanced carbon fibre reinforced polymer. The resulting OmniTANK™ provides exceptional chemical resistance, safety and integrity, with lightweight and structural strength compared with lined steel or fibreglass tanks.


Step #1 – Interior Tank

Seamless Thermoplastic Tank

  • No welds or joins
  • Predictable performance
  • Chemically resistant
  • No absorption
  • No degradation

Step #2 – Patented Technology

Patented High Strength Interface

  • Structural connection
  • Exceptional durability
  • No delamination
  • Patented technology

Step #3 – Exterior Tank

Structural tank of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)

  • Aerospace materials
  • High strength / lightweight
  • Exceptional fatigue resistance
  • Integrated passive fire protection system

Using materials from the aerospace industry, the OmniTANK is lighter, stronger and offers high factors of safety:

Tank materials 6 x the strength to weight of steel:

  • Increase your payload
  • Fuel savings
  • Reduced operational costs

Exceptional chemical resistance:

  • No degradation
  • High purity chemical integrity
  • Minimal maintenance or ‘make-good’ to interior

Minimal absorption:

  • Easy wash out
  • Two way loading opportunities
  • Greater asset utilisation

Chemical Transport Versatility

The OmniTANK interior – OmniSHIELD – is a seamless internal polymer tank which creates a high integrity chemical barrier of polyethylene. The OmniSHIELD provides exceptional resistance and durability with a wide range of liquids.

The smooth, weld free interior of polyethylene has low chemical absorption and low adhesion, providing excellent wash out of difficult to clean cargoes.

High Value/Return Chemicals and Segments

  • High Purity Chemicals (Semi-conductor industry / Pharmaceutical)
  • Aggressive Corrosive Chemicals
  • Hard to Clean / Sticky liquids

Chemicals Suitability

The OmniTANK has a unique internal chemical barrier of seamless polyethylene thermoplastic which provides exceptional resistance and durability with wide a range of liquids including aggressive Class 8 corrosive chemicals and ultrahigh purity Class 5 oxidising chemicals.

Ultra-High Purity Class 5 Oxidising Chemicals

High Purity ChemicalsUN No.Conc.Omni Tanker Suitability
Hydrogen PeroxideUN 201420-60%
Hydrogen PeroxideUN 201560-70%
Ammonium HydroxideUN 267210-30%

Aggressive Class 8 Corrosive Chemicals

High Purity ChemicalsUN No.Conc.Omni Tanker Suitability
Ferric Chloride *UN 258230-60%
Ferrous Chloride *UN 176020-30%
Hydrochloric acid *UN 178928-36%
Hydrofluoric acid *UN 179010-60%
Hydrofluosilisic acidUN 177840%
Nitric acidUN 203155%
Phosphoric acidUN 180550%
Sodium HydroxideUN 182450%
Sodium HypochloriteUN 179113-15%
Sulphuric acid *UN 279630-51%
Sulphuric acidUN 183051-98%

Hard to Clean/Sticky Liquids

High Purity ChemicalsOmni Tanker Suitability