The Future of Chemical Transport

Revolutionary tanks for the transport and storage of aggressive corrosive and high purity chemicals, high pressure gases and cryogenic fluids.

Omni Tanker Manufactures Specialised Tank Containers, Road Tankers, Aerospace Tanks, and other specialised equipment using Advanced Composite Materials Technology.

These tanks are used for the transport and storage of multiple chemicals, including Class 5 (Oxidisers), Class 6 (Toxics) and Class 8 (Corrosives), applications requiring high purity, high pressure gases such as hydrogen, and cryogenic fluids.

Offering benefits of ultra-light weight, unrivalled chemical resistance, and low permeation, the Omni Tanker sets the benchmark for bulk liquid and gas movements, for the transport and aerospace sectors. The Omni Tank is manufactured using carbon fibre composite with a seamless interior of polyethylene or fluorinated thermoplastic. The result is an exceptional combination of high chemical resistance and enhanced payloads, for a wide range of liquid and gas cargoes.

Chemical Road Tanker

Omni Tanker Road tanks are dangerous goods rated tanks for highly corrosive chemicals. These tanks are mounted to road trucks or trailers along with a specialised dangerous goods fit out, and used as road transport tankers.

Chemical Road Tank Containers

OmniTAINERs are constructed using the patented OmniTANK technology. These are the world’s first carbon fibre reinforced tank containers, and are suitable for a broad range of chemicals. OmniTAINERs are revolutionising intermodal chemical transport worldwide.

OmniTANK technology is used in the construction of high pressure tanks. These are suitable for a range of high pressure gas and cryogenic fluid applications, including containment of hydrogen and hydrazine, for the transport and aerospace sectors.



“The OmniTANK™ is a break-through technology that will transform the tank container industry – a perfect fit for Eurotainer’s vision and commitment to provide innovative solutions to our clients. With the OmniTAINER™, we are set to disrupt the leasing market for high purity and corrosive chemical tank container equipment.”

Vincent Martin
Managing Director, Eurotainer

“We are achieving strong returns from our operations with the Omni Tanker due to the exceptional payload and reliability.”

Rob Douglas
National Fleet Manager

“McColl’s have typically stayed out of the lined tanker space, but our experience in operating a couple of smaller Omni Rigid Tankers has led us to purchase our first 26m B Double tanker, and we are looking forward to expanding our business with this equipment”

Justin Keast
General Manager, Bulk Chemicals

“The versatility and wash out of the Omni Tanker means I can be on acid one day and hypo or caustic the next. It means my Omni tankers never sit idle.”

JJ Wiedl
MD Unanderra Tanker Hire
chemical tanker company sydney australia

“We run our Omni Tanker on a wide range of liquids, from acids to molasses. The tanks stand up to it all, and wash clean after any load.”

Bob Shackell, Shackell Transport