Omni High Pressure Tanks for Hydrogen and Aerospace

OmniTANK™ technology is used in the construction of high pressure tanks for gases, liquids and cryogenic fluids, for the transport and aerospace industries. These tanks are well suited to most commonly moved aerospace propellants and cargoes including Hydrogen, Hydrazine, Oxygen, Hydrogen Peroxide, Nitrous Oxide, Methane, and Xenon.

The OmniSHIELD™ tank interior can be constructed from a range of thermoplastics such as polyethylene, fluoropolymers and other alternatives, depending on specific application and mission requirements, taking factors such as required chemical resistance and permeation into account. The OmniTANK™ technology can be customised to meet many different geometries, both standard and complex. Through a process of design, structural analysis, followed by rapid tool manufacture, a structurally optimized tank can be tailored to specific applications.

Our highly skilled engineering team is available to demonstrate and prove out the OmniTANK™ through specific Technology Readiness Level (TRL) requirements in instances where this is required.

Our staff can discuss your specific transport and chemical compatibility needs to determine the right choice for you. Feel free to drop us a line.


Patented technology – OmniBIND™ – structurally combines the seamless thermoplastic interior tank – OmniSHIELD™ – with the high strength external OmniFORT™ tank of advanced carbon fibre reinforced polymer. The resulting OmniTANK™ provides exceptional chemical resistance, safety and integrity, with lightweight and structural strength compared with lined steel or fibreglass tanks.