Omni Road Tankers

Omni Tanker has developed a range of road tankers (cargo tank vehicles) integrating the OmniTank™ technology. The range of tankers includes:


Omni A and AB Tanks

Omni A and AB tanks are approved according to Australian Standard AS2809 and New Zealand HSCOCOP39. The tank volumes range from 12,600 to 15,000 litres. Over 200 A and AB tanks are in service in Australia, some of which have been transporting chemicals including Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrochloric Acid continuously since 2007.

Omni A and AB tanks can be mounted to a rigid truck chassis or skeletal trailer in many different configurations based on customer requirements. The largest combination of Omni Tankers used in Australia is a B-Double tanker, referred to as a B-Train in many countries, with a total volume of 40,000 litres across three tanks.

Generally, the tanks contain two separate sealed compartments, each at half of the aforementioned total tank volume, to comply with maximum allowable small compartment tank volume based on Australian standards.

Greater overall transport volumes can be achieved through the use of multiple tanks on a trailer or through custom tank designs. The Omni Tanker A and AB tanks are game changing technology for transport operators. This has been recognised by JEC, the largest composites industry network worldwide, who awarded the tanks the 2016 JEC Americas Innovation Award (Transport Category).


Omni Sulphuric Acid Tank

Through a program of extensive independent chemical testing, Omni Sulphuric acid tanks are approved for the transport of 98% Sulphuric acid as well Sulfuric acid in dilute concentrations. Omni Sulphuric acid tanks are constructed with a multiple compartment design typically with two or three separate sealed compartments, each with maximum allowable volume of 8,600 litres based on the requirements of Australian Standards.

Omni Sulphuric Acid tanks are used on skeletal trailers in a B-Double tanker configuration, with a total volume of 40,800 litres. Volumes can be customised as required by specific user requirements.

The exceptional corrosion resistance of the OmniSHIELD™ barrier means that the tank does not suffer from wall thinning due to acid de-concentration in the same way as stainless steel, providing durability in challenging acid transport conditions.



Omni L4 Mini Tanks

Omni L4 Mini Tanks are small volume pressure tanks with a capacity of 4,000 litres and a test pressure rating of 4 bar. They can be supplied with a frame that allows attachment to road vehicles and rail wagons via twist lock corner castings.

International approvals for this product include European ADR and Australian Standard AS2809.

These tanks can be supplied in premium and standard grades, with carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforcement options, respectively. The tanks can have a pressure rating of up to 4 bar and can be insulated.

A specially developed fire protection system permits these tanks to pass European ADR fire requirements.

Mini Tanks have received international recognition for innovation through the JEC Asia 2017 Innovation Award (Transport Category), Petrotrans Expo 2017 Innovation Prize, and the Gefahrgut 2018 Innovation Prize.

Our staff can discuss your specific transport and chemical compatibility needs to determine the right choice for you. Feel free to drop us a line.

Our OmniTANK™ Technology

Patented technology – OmniBIND™ – structurally combines the seamless thermoplastic interior tank – OmniSHIELD™ – with the high strength external OmniFORT™ tank of advanced carbon fibre reinforced polymer. The resulting OmniTANK™ provides exceptional chemical resistance, safety and integrity, with lightweight and structural strength compared with lined steel or fibreglass tanks.