Omni Cargo Tanks
for North American Market

Omni Tanker has developed specialised Cargo Tanks for the North American chemical transport market. These are large volume pressure tanks with a capacity of 5,500 US Gallons (20,800 litres) when used on semi-trailers, or 2,850 US Gallons (10,800 litres) when used for mini-bulk units. They have a test pressure of 60 psig (4.1 bar) and a maximum allowable working pressure (MAWP) of 40 psig (2.75 bar). Omni Cargo Tanks are also certified in a range of different volumes and configurations, so other sizes are possible.

The Cargo Tanks are produced by Omni Tanker, and the chassis manufacture and assembly undertaken by our USA based trailer partners to complete the Cargo Tank Motor Vehicle (CTMV).

These CTMVs are approved for the transport of Class 5 and Class 8 chemicals throughout North America. They are certified as a Specification 407 / 412 CTMV under United States Department of Transportation 49 CFR, and TC-407 / 412 Highway Tank by Transport Canada under CSA B620.

The Cargo Tank is manufactured using Omni Tanker’s patented technology. The inside of the tank is a completely seamless thermoplastic corrosion barrier with no welds or joins, called the OmniSHIELD™. The outside of the tank is a high strength and lightweight carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) structure, the OmniFORT™, and the two layers are connected with Omni Tanker’s high strength interface technology, OmniBIND™.

The seamless thermoplastic corrosion barrier provides a thick and durable interior to the tank that is highly resistant to damage or flaking to ensure high purity loads. The carbon fibre composite structure provides the ultimate in lightweight and high strength to maximise payloads. The interface between these structures creates a tank with the greatest safety for high consequence liquids.

The CTMV is fitted with a high-quality liquid handling fitout, which complements the chemically resistant Cargo Tank, making the units suitable for long term service with aggressive corrosive and oxidising chemicals. The exceptional chemical resistance, combined with high payload capacity, makes the Omni Cargo Tank the new standard for aggressive corrosive chemical transport in North America.

Our staff can discuss your specific transport and chemical compatibility needs to determine the right choice for you. Feel free to drop us a line.