Tank Container Products

Omni Tanker are now developing a family of pressure rated dangerous goods transport tanks for highly corrosive chemicals. Within Australia, these tanks will be approved according to Australian Standards AS 2809 and ADG7. In Europe, the tanks will be approved according to United Nations ADR and RID.

The family of tanks spans volumes from 4,000 litres through to 30,000 litres. The smallest of these, the 4,000 litre tank, is now available. The remainder are due for release before the end of 2016. The tanks come with a frame that allows attachment to road vehicles and rail wagons via twist lock corner castings.

These tanks can be supplied in premium and standard grades, with carbon fibre and glass fibre reinforcement options, respectively. The tanks can have a pressure rating of up to 4 bar and can be insulated.

A specially developed fire protection system permits these tanks to pass United Nations ADR and RID fire requirements. This fire protection system may be incorporated into non ADR / RID approved tanks upon request.

The tanks are suitable for transporting highly corrosive chemicals such as sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, ferric chloride, ferrous chloride, caustic soda, and many others, without degradation of the liner.

The patented Omni Tanker thermoplastic liner is specifically designed to provide high chemical resistance to composite tanks and a marked improvement on standard lining techniques. The lining technology overcomes problems associated with bonding thermoplastics to thermoset composites, with bond strengths similar to epoxy to steel adhesion having been demonstrated.

The combination of the lightweight composite structure, and a highly effective thermoplastic liner, results in major benefits to transport operators. See our Benefits to Operators section for A and AB tanks for more information.

Feel free to drop us a line to discuss your specific transport and chemical compatibility needs. We are more than happy to custom engineer and build a solution that is right for you.