General Purpose Semi Products

Omni Tanker are in the process of developing a general light weight semi-trailer tanker for international road usage, including Australia, Europe and United States of America. These tankers will be non-dangerous goods

The semi-trailer will have a volume 25,000 litres to 30,000 litres, and will be direct mounted to a trailer for road transport.

The tanks are suitable for transporting a variety of non-dangerous goods materials, including water, milk, fertilisers, and other liquid food products.

The patented Omni Tanker thermoplastic liner overcomes problems associated with bonding thermoplastics to thermoset composites, with bond strengths similar to epoxy to steel adhesion having been demonstrated.

The lightweight composite structure results in major benefits to transport operators. The liner will not have the same level of chemical resistance as our standard A and AB tankers, however, transport operators will still secure benefits such as low maintenance costs and the ability to backload.

Feel free to drop us a line to discuss your specific transport needs. We are more than happy to custom engineer and build a solution that is right for you.

general purpose semi tanker products